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The community app for animal lovers

Animalia is a social app that brings together all knowledge of the animal kingdom in one place. Created by and sustained by the animal loving community.

Animalia app will be open to the public very soon. On Android and iOS
Join as a pioneer and earn a pioneer badge. Only early access users will ever have a pioneer badge.

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Learn about the
animal kingdom

Find knowledge about any mammal, amphibian, bird, reptile or insect in a quick, easy to digest way.

Know about the conservation status of an animal, Rare, Endangered or Exctinct.

Know locations of animals or watch videos of them.

It is a crowdsourced library so it grows bigger and better regularly.

Share your stories

Share your own animal stories and engage with the community.

Or build your groups around specific pets.

Engage with the animal loving world.
Or entertain yourself with funny animal content.

Capture animals

Capture animals in the wild and add them to the library or post them as stories.

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Request or create

Request for the community to submit information about an animal for you. Or submit it yourself and earn a creator badge.

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Be a part of this

Join the Animalia community today. There is a lot more inside.

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